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Photos of Relatives / Ancestors


 Ch. Leone dello Stradone (son of Ch.Brigante)

Sire of Marco dello Stradone 

             Dora dello Stradone





Bred & owned by Stradone Kennels (Italy)







Ch. Marco dello Stradone (son of Ch. Leone)

Sire of Gothic's Bruno

            Falco dello Stradone






Bred & owned by Stradone Kennels (Italy)







Peppeniello dello Stradone

Sire of Gigolo (Luigi)

Grand-sire of Gothic's Hugo








 Bred & Owned by Stradone Kennels (Italy)







Rio (son of Ch. Brigante)

Sire of Amanta

Grand sire of Genieva

















Ch. Brigante del Castellaccio

Sire of Leone dello Stradone

Grand-Sire of Marco dello Stradone








 Bred & owned by Del Castellaccio Kennels (Italy)




Quintillianna dello Stradone

Dam of Dora dello Stradone








Bred by Stradone Kennels








Ch. Annarella dello Stradone

Dam of Marco dello Stradone

Grand Dam of Gothic's Bruno







Bred & owned by Stradone Kennels (Italy)





Annarella 2 dello Stradone

Dam of Ch. Leone dello


Grand-Dam of Ch. Marco 

            dello  Stradone

            Dora dello Stradone




Bred & Owned by Stradone Kennels (Italy)













Tonino dello Stradone

Grand-Sire of Poppea dello Stradone

Sire of Nella della Stradone







Bred & Owned by Stradone Kennels  (Italy)









Falco Dello Stradone

Sire of Gothic's Annarella       

             Gothic's Ursula            

              Gothic's Primo                     




Bred & Owned by Stradone Kennels



















Mattia Dello Stradone


Sire of                          





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